Consulting and Training


At Social Media Team Management we believe the best teams come from the best collaboration. We are flexible and will bring our team to help your team in any way needed, using our resources to leverage your resources and get results.

Strategic Consulting

No package plan is perfect for every situation. Creative work must change to adapt and expand in a fast moving market. If you have a team, or building a team, and especially when you embrace employee advocacy and company wide stakeholder involvement, use our experts to help tailor a winning program.

Regardless of the program, SMTM makes creative ideas and consulting an ongoing focus to bring you fresh perspective and cutting edge tools.

Social Media Training

The basics of social media are simple. Log in and be authentic.

Training from SMTM focus on the persuasion value of storytelling, connection and rapport. Consumers today are looking for an experience they can rely on, relationships they can trust. We train our specialists to enhance the buying experience, to delight and encourage the human connection with your brand.

In trainings with your team, we treat them like our team, using the principles of influence and psychology to make a human connection and impress prospects, leads and customers. To create a fan, start with the person. Give them what they are looking for and they will follow you.

Training programs include basic engagement, familiarity with useful tools and automation, and planning for consistent success.

Team Building and Recruiting

Depend on SMTM when you need to scale up. We have trained social media engagment specialists available on short notice for special projects, strategists who work miracles on call, and a rolodex of the experts needed for whatever comes up.

Our recruiting partners can fill an order for in house management, tech specialists and even senior executives.

Your house or ours. We know people you’ll love and an answer. Just ask.