Professional Management

Social media is not mass media. Today’s brands need to build authentic connection with consumers and influencers.

Social Media Team Management bring our team to yours. Using the assets and people you have and adding our experience and resources, we focus on what gets results for your organization.

Concierge Service

If you need a team, we can step up and perform immediate. We’ll create a strategy, engage experts and train dedicated personnel to work virtually on your. Not some overseas cookie cutter flood of mindless content. Our team preforms what you’d do if you had the time. Real human engagement. Connection with experts and creative content.

Build Your Team

When you see the value of social media engagement, and you have a team in-house, our team can expand yours or provide support where needed. Let us use our experience to build your audience, connect authentically, identify thought leaders and influencers and distribute creative content.

We will help you improve performance towards business goals. New leads, higher conversions and bottom line profits.


If you have a team in place, call on us for strategy and team building. We have the expertise to advise your team on new platforms, content and tying social media to business goals.

Wherever you are, starting up or experienced and successful, there’s always new horizons and opportunities in this fast changing world. Contact SMTM and let’s access your current situation, goals and plans. Let our team help your team achieve more.