Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise

Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise: Which One Is More Suitable For Enterprise-Level Brand?

Since opening an online store is so easy these days, hard part is to search a suitable ecommerce platform for your venture. No doubt market has abundance of ecommerce solutions, but choosing the right ecommerce solution is still tough. Being an online store owner, you might want to partner with a solution that can take care of store’s ranking to conversion and customer’s retention. So, what should you pick to create stunning looking shops? Well, while for startups, Shopify is a cinch, whereas those who want full control over their site at code level, it’s better to opt for an ecommerce solution like Magento.

Features Comparison

  • Ecommerce platform should offer themes that can match with your brand. Shopify themes are mainly designed by developers, free and paid. These themes are customizable. On the other hand, Magento themes are heavily designed by colossal team of developers. You need expertise to customize them.
  • Shopify’s simplified user-interface offers retailers a clear access to add items. On the contrary, Magento extend its inventory management module to match the exact inventory level at store location – this is where Magento beats Shopify. Additionally, Magento offers merchants many options to integrate with third-party services to distribute across a broader network than Shopify.
  • Magento Enterprise edition starts at $18,000 a year (approx.) with additional cost of hosting, implementation and security. Whereas, Shopify Plus starts at $2000 a month.

Who Should Opt For Magento?

If you want code ownership and flexibility, Magento is a better option here. How? Because, it gives you more leverage for customizing the backend in a way you desire. However, if you’re not technically sound, it would become tough to manage a site because of its numerous coding.

Magento is perfect choice for enterprise-level brands due to its wide array of plugins, and ability to handle multiple transactions with large number of product categories. Just like every platform Magento has its own pros and cons, however, if you can master out tech skills or put together a team of experienced professionals, this way you can handle the challenges of platform.

Who Should Opt For Shopify?

Powering 600,000 stores, Shopify is definitely one of the most established ecommerce platforms available in market. Also, the fact that Shopify is technically friendly and easy to use makes this platform every retailer’s first choice as a startup ecommerce platform. However, if servers go down, you would have no control over the site.

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