selecting Shopify for setting up your online store

Shopify VS Magento – Which Ecommerce Giant Should You Choose?

Ecommerce solution providers have been a platform providing ease to many businesses out there. Technological innovations have made business processes more efficient and quick and every organization is trying to make the most use out of these innovations. Every organization is distinct from each other in many ways, similarly their requirement for ecommerce platform also various.

Selecting the best ecommerce platform that suits your business needs, is a daunting task. However, it is important to decide carefully and do your research before you make any decision, as it could impact your business in either positive or negative way.

This article will compare two of the leading ecommerce platforms in the market, Magento and Shopify. Both the software offer distinct features and are quite popular for its services. However, every year, a huge number of people are shifting from Magento to Shopify. This article will discuss why choosing Shopify over Magento is a good decision.

  1. Ease of use: Shopify is simple and quick. You only need a few clicks and your online store is ready. Magento is complex and requires a know-how of various programming languages order to operate efficiently.
  2. Price Plan: Shopify provides a price plan that includes all the features along with licensing and support. Whereas, with Magento, the licensing cost starts from $2000. Therefore, it is costly.
  3. Customer Support: The customer support team of Shopify is available 24/7 to assist its customers. Furthermore, the Shopify team is always coming up with new things to make the experience of its users a better one.
  4. Free Trial: Shopify offers its customers to try their platform for free for 14 days. This offer is liked by customers as they could get an idea of the platform and make sure that it is suitable for their business.
  5. Themes and Apps: Shopify offers 100+ themes and apps to its users. You can choose the theme as per your business requirement.

Therefore, if you want a platform that provides various features at a reasonable price, as well as has a simple and friendly user-interface, Shopify is the perfect choice for you. If you are a small business, selecting Shopify for setting up your online store is a great decision. You can also integrate your store with Facebook or any other platform. Lastly, it supports various options for payments such as visa or credit card.

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